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27 May 2008 @ 08:28 pm

Summer is here and it will leave just as fast as it got here. How was everyones first year? Can you believe how fast it went?

I stayed in my hometown and attened a community college. Today driving by the road my best friend from high school lives on i found myself suprised at how much time we have spent together. Through the year everytime she was in town i was at her house (sometimes before she even got there) now that she is home from school for the summer we are not spending any time together. I guess most of us are going through this but i just wanted to see how many others are! I feel guilty because now we have time to spend together and i have so many other things i rather do. I guess we are just drifting apart....

Angiesmartswimmer07 on May 28th, 2008 04:30 am (UTC)
Sounds familiar...
My best friend and I are still very close and I talk to her on the phone every week... she is graduating from high school this week and I couldn't be more happy for her. However, the friends that I graduated with, well they are a different story. I went away to college and my best friend that was in my grade went to a different college with one of her other best friends. There was a group of girls that were close in high school and I was friends with all of them, but closer with my one better friend. Anyway, we started off in fall semester talking online anytime we could about EVERYTHING... then she started to change. In high school, we both didn't drink, but our other friends, including her other best friend, did. She swore she never would, she was even the president of SADD, but she started drinking and it really drove us apart because we just lost one of the biggest things we had in common. I am friends with people that drink, but she was drinking because everyone else was, just to fit in, and that to me was not who she was, or who she use to be at least. She use to not care and make people like her for not drinking. Winter semester we hardly ever talked, and after a visit from her and her other best friend went really bad (they all got drunk and I had to take care of them), we drifted farther apart. She talked about it once with me saying she missed me and the way we use to talk, but everytime I put forth the effort, it's never recipricated. I guess things change, people change.

I did get closer to another good friend from high school, and I really missed her, so that's always good. And I have my best friend who is graduating, she's always been there for me... what more could I ask for?!?